MONDIAL F.A.C.E.R.T srl wants to be a reference point for the large industrial groups in the manufacture of precision parts made by automatic lathes.
The main thing is to be mindful to customers needs, in order to increase his satisfaction in all aspects of the supply relationship, from the commercial, production and logistics purview to after delivery support.
Main items on which to base our commitment are:

  • Great attention to product quality, so that it conforms to the agreement;
  • Adequate level of service in terms of on-time delivery, product availability, flexibility to emergencies;
  • Sustainability of corporate activities, with attention to statutory and regulatory requirements, in particular safety and the environment;
  • Attention to costs and elimination of waste.

In consideration of these, the Company decided to:

  • Base their growth on continuous improvement extended to all business processes;
  • Use as a tool a quality system in line with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 for automotive customers;
  • Maintain a good level of technological innovation;
  • Bet to the involvement of staff, increasing the motivation and skills at various levels;
  • Use a consolidated supplier base with adequate level of performance and reliability.
Under this policy the Department establishes objectives and ensure the provision of necessary human, technological and informatics resources for their achievement.
All staff at all levels must work to achieve those objectives.
The Department is also committed to the spread of this policy and the objectives at various levels, as well as a systematic check of their achievement.
The above is through the application of a Quality Management System meets the requirements of ISO / TS 16949: 2009.
The compliance of the Quality System of Mondialfacert, has been recognized by a third party accreditation body, the TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH, the formal act of the above is the issue of the certificate IATF: 0169799


  • water separator cleaning floors implant,
  • automatic shredding-oil separation and chippings storage implant,
  • fume extraction system,
  • active carbon filter for the washing station,
  • closed distiller circuit liquid washing.